Latest projects

  • Conficat (09/23/2009 04:07 PM)

    Generate configuration files from CSV tables and Cheetah templates.

    More Information on Cheetah:
  • xrelayd (03/22/2009 12:03 PM)

    Xrelayd is a basic tcp proxy server encrypting arbitrary protocols without the need to change ssl unaware deamons and client software. It is based on the PolarSSL library suited well for deployment on embedded systems.

    Xrelayd runs on UNIX systems including Linux and Mac OS X....

  • handz (02/20/2009 06:33 PM)

    Helping.handz.ch ist eine Plattform zur Vermittlung von Leistungen im Bereich Unterst├╝tzung von Endbenutzern (Support) mit dem Schwerpunkt OpenSource Software. Die Zielgruppen sind Privat-/KMU-Kunden sowie lokalen (Semi-)professionellen Informatik-Dienstleister, die bereits in bestehenden OpenSource Communities aktiv sind....

  • packetpunk (10/15/2008 09:25 PM)

    Packetpunk lets you capture network traffic either live from an interface or offline from a file and feed the raw contents to a jack server. Packetpunk provides one jack output port which you may hook up to your audio card, a sound recorder or your favorite DAW....